1. Keeping track of the right proportions is not as straightforward as you thought.

Balanced Diet
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2. But you’re too lazy to do research.

Weight Loss Struggles_Mean Girls_Is butter a carb?
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3. Cutting back on carbs is a daily challenge in a world full of temptations.

Weight Loss Struggles_Carbs
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4. You’ve spent thousands on gym memberships and the only thing that’s looking thinner is your wallet.


Weight Loss Struggles_Photo Source: Giphy
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5. But your personal trainer is a formidable force of fitness who pushes you to new limits, even though you feel like you got hit by a bus.

Personal Trainer
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6. It seems as though everyone is CONSTANTLY eating delicious food. Especially the fit girls.


Diet Struggles
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*Cries in corner*

7. You sometimes lose all self-restraint at the sight of your favorite snack.

Weight Loss Struggles_Binge Eating
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French fries? Game over.

8. You start to develop an irrational fear of weighing scales.

Weighing Scale
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After pigging out? No, thank you.

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9. And end up questioning the purpose of it all.

Weight Loss Struggles_Celeste and Jesse Forever_Photo Source: Venus Factor
Photo Source: Venus Factor

10. But you remind yourself that it will all pay off in the end. Plus cheat days feel better than ever:

baby loves cake

Foodgasm, much?

Despite your struggles, you continue with your fitness regimen because you believe in being the best version of yourself!


Beyonce Formation
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You know you got this, girl.

Elisha Cuthbert
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