Let’s face it: camping may not be for everyone. The thought of hiking for hours to a secluded area, setting up a tent, and cooking your own food with very little or no electricity is  not everyone’s idea of a relaxing vacation.

But what if you could inject a little luxe into your next camping trip?

Enter glamping—the portmanteau for “glamorous camping”, which offers the best of both worlds.  You’ll still get away from the city to be in touch with nature, but with all the modern luxuries in hand. Not to mention a gorgeous backdrop that you’ll be rushing to post on Instagram! 😉

What started out as a luxury holiday alternative has already evolved to a concept of all sorts in the Philippines. From beach hideouts to country cabin-style resorts, here are some of our favorite glamping spots for the adventurous Filipina. 

1. Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales

The Kampsite at Crystal Beach. Photo taken from The Brave Soul.

Crystal Beach Resort is a well-known surfer’s paradise that is a three to four hour drive from Manila. Its simplistic, laidback tropical charm is perfect for beach lovers. If you enjoy surfing or simply just want to take advantage of the country’s tropical climate by the beach, Crystal Beach Resort is an ideal choice for you.

As for its glamping area, it is an oceanfront playground with hectares of sun, sand, and aguho trees. Their glamping package includes a complete set of toiletries plus a hearty breakfast to power you up in the morning.

For fun-filled activities, you can get surf lessons at Quiksilver Surf School for P400/per hour (inclusive of rash guard, board rental, and instructor fee). The area also features a ping-pong table and pool table.

crystal beach
A peak inside the glamping tents in Crystal Beach, Zambales.
crystal beach
Strolling around the Kampsite. Photo taken from The Juander Woman.

Crystal Beach Resort’s official website

Official Facebook Page

2. Nayomi Sanctuary Resort, Batangas

Nayomi Sanctuary offers a glamping experience within a resort. Owned by the Prats family, this Batangas resort just opened their glamping service late last year. If you prefer to experience more of the ‘luxury’ side of glamping, Nayomi Sanctuary is your best bet since you can access the resort’s amenities.

Their spacious tents are made from CanvasCamp, an international brand known for its breathable, premium quality cotton tents.

nayomi resort
A night view at Nayomi Sanctuary Resort. Photo taken from Primer.ph.
glamping tent
The glamping tents provided at Nayomi. Photo taken from Serica Rojas.
glamping tent
A look inside the tent.

Situated in a quiet part of the resort, Nayomi’s glamping area is where you can enjoy a fresh mountain breeze with a fantastic view of Taal. You’ll also have access to their facilities such as the swimming pool, lounge area, and their in-house restaurant.

If you’re up for an adventure, you can coordinate with the resort to arrange outdoor activities such as water sports, hiking, biking, and more.

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort’s official website & Official Facebook Page

3. Riverfront Resort, Cavite

Riverfront Resort
The Riverfront Resort. Photo taken from Riverfront Resort’s official Facebook page.

Its name speaks for itself! Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, Riverfront Resort offers a peaceful retreat by the Pinagsanhan River.

At Riverfront Resort, glampers need not even set-up their tents as the staff is available to assist or take over the process entirely.  Tents are lined up with bed mattresses for extra comfort plus each tent features a fan and lamp light for the night. Same as with a hotel stay, tents are provided with toiletries and towels.

Glampers have access to two swimming poolsone overlooking the river and one hidden by trees. Enjoy the outdoors beautifully surrounded by lush greens. 

Riverfront Resort
One of two pools at the Riverfront Resort.
Riverfront Resort
Stylishly seated in one of the tiny net-tents provided. Photo taken from Taste.Company.

Riverfront Resort Facebook Page

4. BLOC Camp Site, Laguna

BLOC Camp Site
The BLOC Camp Site. Photo taken from BLOC’s official Facebook page.

Nestled on top of the mountains with a gorgeous freshwater lake at the center is this Laguna glamping site. It is the best place for those who want a mountain lake camping experience with plenty of activities to choose from. Fret not, for those who don’t wish to fully disconnect from the world — you can still post those Instagram-worthy pictures thanks to the glampsite’s trusty Wi-Fi connection. 

BLOC Camp Site is popular for their unique ‘Kubo-tel”, or a bahay kubo made from local materials such as bamboo and nipa.

BLOC Camp Site
The BLOC tent.

During the day, you can fish or even grill your own food (their American Black Bass is a must-try). Other things to do at BLOC Campsite? Try their Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP), cliff-diving or go Lake Island-hopping Boat tour. For those itching for more adventure, ATVs and exhilarating tours such as the Cavinti Underground River and Cave Complex are available.  

Official Facebook Page

5. Easy Adventure, Baler, Aurora

Easy Adventure
Glamping at Easy Adventure, Baler. Photo taken from Chay Antonio.

Easy Adventure’s philosophy centers around the art of doing nothing. Instead of spending the day checking your emails, they encourage undergoing a ‘digital detox’ while you’re there.

So how do you pass your time? From surfing to swimming and yoga, plenty more outdoor activities and side trips await. While there are five star hotels, this Baler glamping spot boasts a gorgeous 5 billion star view – you simply can’t find anywhere else.

You’ll have all the camping essentials with all the modern luxuries you need in hand. In fact, you’ll even get 24/7 butler service. As guests, you’ll also get unlimited bananas, coffee, and water during the stay!

Easy Adventure
Luxurious foot spa offered at Easy Adventure. Photo taken from Konyo Queen.
Easy Adventure
Digital detox. Photo taken from Windowseat.ph

Easy Adventure’s Official Website

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