Sunday, June 25, 2017
Exotic Beaches in Bicol

Beaches to Visit in Bicol Instead of Boracay This 2016

Tired of Boracay? Bicol offers breathtakingly beautiful beaches that you can visit with friends. Read our list of less-trodden beaches in Bicol.

Break Free from Trash with A Zero-Waste Lifestyle in Manila

Have you ever thought about how many times a day you throw an item into the trash? That coffee cup  you ordered at your favorite cafe this morning. The plastic water bottle you purchased before your...
Conscious birth manila

Give Birth Like a Champ: The Joys & Empowerment of A Gentle Birth

Is gentle birthing as scary as it sounds? Read about doula Irina Otmakhova's advocacy on how expecting mothers can have an empowering birthing experience right here in Manila.
Inspiring Asian Women

5 Inspiring Asian Women Who Are Modern-Day Definitions of Beauty

Take a look at these inspiring Asian women who are reshaping the world’s perception of beauty.

16 Motivational Quotes To Help You Start 2016 Right

Everyone loves a good quote. We love them in fancy script lettering on Instagram, we love them tatooed on our bodies, we even love them if they come straight out of our food. Fortune cookie, anyone? Quotes have an almost uncanny...

The Transformative Power of Being Gentle

While in Manila at a yoga class alongside my beautiful cousin, an anxious thought popped into my head as I was practicing the first part of a long pranayama (deep breathing exercise). “Things are beginning...

Three Practical Lifestyle Lessons From Arianna Huffington’s Thrive

I’m always on the fence when it comes to self-help books. And Im not alone. For one, many self-help books assume that all situations are created equal. For instance, "quit your job, follow your passion"  can...

How To Raise Kids Who Enjoy Eating Healthy Food

Getting your kids excited about their vegetables is no easy task, even if you're armed with the best nutrition tips. Many moms have become all too familiar with their children's complaints about "boring" food along with their...