Who knew that wearing trash could be so chic?

British actress and famous feminist, Emma Watson shows us how it’s done by talking yet another walk on the green carpet.

With the help of Calvin Klein and EcoAge, Emma co-created her gown for this year’s Met Gala, which was made entirely of plastic bottles! The black and white gown was constructed using three fabrics woven from yarns made of these plastic bottles. It’s been long documented that plastic bottles are among the top culprits for water pollution.

“For me, that’s the future of fashion. That’s what fashion can and should be doing –  innovating,” Emma shared in an interview with CNN.

Last year, Emma had made a conscious decision to wear only sustainable fashion on the red carpet.


A Little Piece of Advice From Emma Watson

Emma encourages consumers like you and I to make sustainable fashion choices. And no, you do not need a well-known designer or a stylist to participate in sustainable fashion.

Emma points out that many, “consumers really underestimate the power they have.”

If you buy something, will you be able to wear it several times? If you can commit to that, then it’s a sustainable purchase.

For more on this, take a look at this interview with CNN Style, where Emma shares more on her views on sustainable fashion and the future of the industry.