The fitness landscape in the Philippines has changed tremendously in the last few years. From pole-dancing classes to anti-gravity yoga to the opening of the country’s first few indoor cycling studios. But in reality, that’s only the tip of the iceberg in the ever evolving world of fitness. 

Outside the country, you’ll quickly notice all sorts of innovative workouts cropping up — sometime’s they’re downright gimmicky, but other times these workout are pushing the fitness envelope! With that said, check out this list of workouts that we wish were available in the Philippines

1. HIIT/Circuit Training in a life-size arcade

Most workouts are designed to improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance and speed. But what about your athletic sixth sense aka muscle memory?

Recently launched in Asphalt Green, a gym at Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York, AG6™ is an interactive LED light and sound gym that transports your workout session inside a real-life arcade.

This 45-minute high-intensity, circuit-based class is designed to improve your muscle memory and strengthen all major muscle groups. Asphalt Green boasts that participants  burn up to 1,000 calories per session.

Photo courtesy of extravaganzi
Photo courtesy of Extravaganza

Walls and floors light up and respond to touch through integrated LED light and sound. When you tap your foot or bounce the ball within a target area, it lights up. The gym also monitors your output, so you know how fast you hit the targets in a certain period of time.

These visual cues make it an immersive fitness experience you won’t find anywhere else!

2. Pound Workout

If you’re looking for a workout to stick with, this one is certainly for you.

Created by two female drummers, Pound is a full-body cardio jam session that combines light resistance with constant simulated drumming. It fuses cardio, Pilates, and isometric movements into one challenging yet addicting 30-minute workout. But it also resembles a form of dance called Garba, which originated in Gujarat, India also known as the Indian Prime Minister’s home state.

POUND Workout
Photo courtesy of POP SUGAR

With weighted drumsticks and fast-paced dance routines thrown into the mix, it provides an exciting twist to the usual gym moves such as lunges, squats, and abdominal twists.

If ever this fitness class becomes available in the Philippines, we know it can be an instant hit since it can cater to a wide range of interests – fitness junkies looking for something to break the gym monotony, inner rockstars or those who simply love choreography and music.

3. Aqua Cycling 

aquacycling manila

Indoor cycling may be the rage right now, but how about we take it to the pool?

Already a fitness sensation in Europe, Aqua Cycling is pretty straight-forward: spinning under water. Custom-made bikes are placed in a pool with water up to the waist as you pedal against the water resistance.

Although intensity is significantly less than cycling in land, cardio and muscular engagement is still utilized.

Photo courtesy of Aqua4balance
Photo courtesy of Aqua4balance

The buoyancy of water allows you to move your joints in a wider range of motion. Since your movements are supported by water, it does not impact your joints unlike land-based workouts.

Aqua Cycling is a great workout especially if you have joint issues or arthritis (or if you’re just a water baby at heart). It can also be good recovery option after a marathon or other intense land-base workout.

4. SURFSET Fitness

Since we already brought a land-based workout into the water, how about we share one that does the complete opposite?

Straying away from the monotony of traditional static workouts, SURFSET Fitness teaches the full body sport of surfing on a custom-made unstable board that challenges your core and stabilizer muscles.

This unique workout allows you to reap the cardio benefits of spinning, muscle toning of TRX®training and the core and balance benefits of yoga & pilates.

With nearby locations in Hong Kong and Bangkok, SURFSET Fitness offers four signature classes that cater to all fitness levels.

Photo courtesy of SURFSET Fitness

Real surfing-inspired movements are also incorporated into the workout, building a greater emphasis on balance, core strength, and agility – which can certainly help you the next time you’re riding the waves!

5. Lightsaber Classes 

Are you a fan of Star Wars fan? Then you’ll probably love this.

Photo courtesy of TMZ
Photo courtesy of TMZ

Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens reignited the Stars War mania among loyal fans, lightsaber-themed classes have popped up across the United States of America. These classes offer a mix of martial arts and combat, with heavy influences on fight choreography scenes found in the movies. And yes, you get to fight with your very own lightsaber!

But in Singapore, The Saber Authority is a real-life academy dedicated to teaching students the fine art of swordsmanship with lightsabers.

Aside from offering the full thrill of dueling with your friends, this academy also ensures that techniques learned can also be applied to real life self-defense situations.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Star Wars, wouldn’t it be cool to learn how to fight with your very own glow-in-the-dark sword?

After all, you might have the force within you.