From sleek and stylish bangles to glamorous gemstone rings, wearable technology has stepped up its fashion game to appeal to the health-conscious yet stylish set.

If you’re looking for fitness trackers that can seamlessly pair with your #OOTD, plus easily transition from an office to gym look, we’ve rounded up all the prettiest ones you can get your hands on from the sea of fitness trackers that saturate today’s fitness market.

1. Jawbone UP2 and UP3

Jawbone UP2
The Jawbone UP2. Image taken from Amazon.

Battery Life: Full charge can last up to 10 days of UP2, and seven days for UP3. Charging can take 60-90 minutes

Water Resistant: Sweat-resistant, but not shower resistant

Jawbone UP2 is definitely a fitness tracker where form meets function. The UP2 is a slim band featuring a hook and loop clasp. It comes in a variety of jewel tones and metallic shades, which can be stacked with other jewelry.

Jawbone fitness tracker
The Jawbone UP3. Image taken from Viacomit.


What Does It Track?

The water-resistant tracker detects calories burned, sleep patterns, and movements and has a reputation for being accurate – a must-have trait in all fitness trackers.

These Jawbone fitness trackers also boast an impressive app with a slick design called Smart Coach. The app actually uses that data it has collected about you and offers tips and advice to help you improve your habits.

If sleek isn’t your style, there’s the Jawbone UP3 features a thicker band and comes with a more in-depth sleep analysis and heart rate monitor, which can capture and process more data such as hour spent in deep sleep vs REM. It’s also the pricier fitness tracker between the two. 

Where to Get It in the Philippines: You can get your hands on the Jawbone UP3 on Lazada. Price varies per design.

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2. Misfit Ray Band

misfit ray fitness tracker
Stylish and sleek Misfit Ray band. Image taken from Inside-Handy.

Battery Life: 6 months

Water Resistant: Yes

Dare I say the Misfit Ray band is gorgeous? The minimalistic yet unisex look of this tracker allows you to pair it with other bangles and jewelry.

Misfit, was co-founded by a former Apple CEO, John Sculley, along with Sonny Vu and Sridhar Lyengar in 2011, has a range of fitness trackers for the discerning fitness fanatic.

For the swimmers, the tracker features a swim-friendly aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized case and polyurethane strap. This means you can keep it on in even in the shower and while swimming. It is also water resistant to depths of 50m.

Aside from the range of styles, the fitness tracker also boasts of a variety of LED lights preset to your goals whether you need to track progress in steps, sleep, or calories. It alerts for calls and includes reminders for movement. The batteries last up to six months so you don’t have to keep charging it.

misfit ray fitness tracker
The Misfit Ray band. Image taken from TechCrunch.

Where to Get It in the Philippines: Want your own Misfit Ray band? Get your Misfit Wearables from


3. Fitbit Flex 2

fitbit flex fitness tracker
The Fitbit Flex 2. Image taken from Fitbit.

Battery Life: Up to 5 days after a full charge

Water Resistant: Swim-proof & shower-proof

Fitbit is the brand that started it all. Today, it is still one of the best-known and perhaps most sought-after fitness trackers thanks to its functionality and versatility.

The Fitbit Flex 2 is a slim and swim-proof wrist band that tracks the basics very well. This tracker doesn’t have a display, but it does offer an interchangeable wristband. For the ladies who have got a 9-to-5 job, you can wear the 22k-plated metal bangle or pendant holder and then switch to the swim-proof silicone for evenings at the gym.

There are also elusive Fitbit designer collections for the fashionistas out there. Some of these include designs from Tory Burch and the New York label, Public School.

Where to Get It in the Philippines: Fitbit Flex is available on Zalora. You can also find Fitbit variations from Alta to Blaze.

4. Bellabeat Leaf

bellabeat leaf fitness tracker
The Bellabeat Leaf. Image taken from Mac Rumors.

Battery Life: 6 months

Water Resistant: No

Like many other fitness trackers, the BellaBeat monitors steps taken and sleep quality, but when paired with the app using Bluetooth, it can also help you de-stress (via its guided breathing exercises) and it also tracks menstruation and ovulation, setting it apart from other fitness trackers on the market.

Unlike most other fitness trackers, it isn’t a band but comes in the form of a dainty leaf clip made of stainless steel and wood. It looks more like a piece of jewellery rather than a fitness tracker. But you can wear it as a pendant or even as a bracelet. The Bellabeat Leaf comes in two styles and a variety of colors, but since it has wood – the tracker must be kept away from water, which for us is a big drawback.

“The Leaf is versatile, but the versatility comes at a cost. For activity tracking, it needs to be worn on the wrist, around the neck, or on the collar of a shirt, but for breathing exercises, it needs to be worn at the waist, clipped inside your pants. When sleeping, the preferred method is attached to the hem of a pajama shirt,” according to MacRumors.

Curently, Bellabeat Leaf is not available in the Philippine, but you can order it through their site.

bellabeat leaf fitness tracker
A variety of options for the Bellabeat Leaf. Image taken from Uloop.


5. Mira Bangle

mira bangle fitness tracker
The Mira Bangle. Image taken from Wareable.

Battery Life: 6 days

Water Resistant: No, it is sweat resistant. Do not shower, bathe or swim with it.

If rubber or silicone fitness trackers aren’t your thing, then the Mira Bangle might  change your mind. The Mira band was designed for fashion-forward women who still want to keep track of their activity. The metallic bangle looks like a fancy piece of jewelry but it’s moreMira isn’t aimed at fitness fanatics.

While Mira isnt aimed at fitness fanatics, it encourages women to stay active by building in some walking or exercise into their schedule. It can track steps, elevation, distance, as well as your daily diet. Mira’s wearable tech may be ordered through their Facebook page. This seems like one of those trackers thats more chic than geek!


6. Motiv Ring

motiv ring fitness tracker
Motiv Ring in rose gold. Image taken from Wareable.

Unlike the usual bracelet designs of fitness trackers, the Motiv Ring is a unique and elegant take on a fitness tracker. The high-tech titanium ring comes in two colors namely rose gold and slate gray.

It is shower and swim-proof and boasts of a battery that lasts up to five days. The Motiv Ring is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor and it measures movement in activity type and active minutes. Also, it tracks calories burned each day plus sleep duration each night.

motiv ring fitness tracker
Motiv ring in slate gray. Image taken from Motiv – Motiv Ring.


8. Ringly Smart Bracelets and Rings

ringly smart bracelet
The Ringly Smart Bracelet. Image taken from UrbanWearables.Technology.

For the fashionista, the Ringly fitness trackers are the perfect accessories. The rings and bangles look just like any precious-stone jewelry but packed with technology. Once synced with the app, you can track steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned. Ringly also aims to minimize phone addiction by sending notification vibrations to remind you to put the phone away, which is a simple but fantastic aid for digital detox. You can also set reminders for when you need to drink water or when your Uber is set to arrive. Order your Ringly bracelet or ring through their website.

ringly smart ring
The Ringly Smart Ring. Image taken from Digital Trends.