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Think Dirty 

Think Dirty is one of my favorite health apps and is basically a product police – it helps reveals just how toxic certain beauty or personal care products are.  Here’s how the app works works: you simply scan the barcode of any personal care product via your smartphone’s camera – and a few seconds later – out comes a toxicity report. That’s because while many products are marketed as “natural”, often times this couldn’t be further from the truth.

So it’s perfect companion when you’re out shopping or even when you’re staying in.  For instance, you can scan your significant other’s deodorant or your kid’s shampoo, and decide whether its a product you want to continue buying or whether it’s time to swap.  The app has a ‘Dirty Meter’ which ranks a product from one to ten depending on the ingredients.  Think Dirty suggests staying away from products that have a reading of 8-10, while it gives a green light to products with a rating of 0-3.


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The  wonderful duo of lady do-gooders behind this app regularly adds new products to its growing database so you can check toxicity levels of an increasing number of products. I’m honestly surprised this app isn’t already insanely popular in Asia,  but I’m doing my bit to spread the word.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 5.29.16 PMFood Keeper

Did you know that the Philippines reportedly wastes roughly 23 million pesos ($ 506,000 USD) worth of rice every single day?  That’s according to IRRI’s 2012 report. Although most food wastage in the country occurs before the consumption stage, we as consumers can help reduce this staggering statistic in our own ways.

One way is through FoodKeeper,  an app developed by the US Food & Drug Administration. It has become our go-to source for determining whether we should keep or dispose our food. Thanks to the app, we ended up keeping our food around for longer. For instant, by doing a quick search, we learned that mayonnaise remains fresh for 2 months if refrigerated after opening or 3-6 months if stored in the pantry. If you still have questions, you can always ask Karen – she’s the Siri-like feature that FoodKeeper provides.

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This user-friendly app is a nifty and constructive way to track the bane of many a woman’s existence – their menstruation.  Clue tells users when they’re expected to PMS, when they’re scheduled to get their next period, and when they’re most fertile, which is clearly helpful for family planning. So next time you’re planning a trip to Palawan, you can be sure to plan around your period.

Good news for Cherry Mobile & Xiaomi users – the app is free and available on both Android and iOS phones. Check out the screenshots below to get a better idea:

Fitness Apps

 Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 4.34.42 PMFitStar 

This app is quite literally a personal trainer in your pocket – and is probably one of the best-known fitness apps in the market. (FitBit acquired the company earlier in 2015).

The Fit Star personal trainer gauges your needs and fitness level by asking you a basic set of questions at the end of every workout and provides customized work-outs as opposed to generic ones. Workouts range from 10 – 50 minutes and allows you to rate whether you found the exercise “brutal”, “too easy” or “just right” – this helps the app provide a customized workout for you and allows to control the intensity of your exercise. By the end of each session, it gives you a summary of the work-out and a crucial metric ladies love to keep track of: calories burned! It’s really a no-brainer to download this app to your phone especially since it’s a promising alternative for those days when you just aren’t ready to brace Manila’s traffic to go to the gym.

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