Following hot on the heels of rival KFit, GuavaPass made a sprint for the fitness scene in Manila this month – making it the second multi-access fitness pass in the Philippines.

GuavaPass, founded by Robert Pachter and Jeffrey Liu in Singapore, launched its web-based gym membership program in Manila this month and it’s attracting customers with an introductory price of 1,999 Php per month for their first year and 2,999 Php for the succeeding years. The mobile application is live as well can be downloaded from respective Android and iOS app stores.

GuavaPass enables discovery and booking of fitness classes and partner studios in Manila for a flat fee, so GuavaPass users need not limit themselves to a single gym membership. Like KFit, GuavaPass’s monthly billing allows its clients to terminate their subscription anytime.

While KFit focuses primarily on the busy young professionals, GuavaPass broadens its scope of market by catering not only to the yuppies, but also to frequent flyers.

GuavaPass Philippines

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Apart from being able to use facilities in the Philippines, GuavaPass offers reciprocity internationally. That means – the membership program gives its clients access to partner gyms internationally where GuavaPass has a presence. These cities include Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Sydney, Melbourne and Dubai.

Holistic Wellness

Aside from fitness booking options, the program also provides access to a community of healthy living experts who provide fitness-related tips to GuavaPass members.

Not sure whether KFit or GuavaPass is the right one for you? Check out our comparison chart below to help you find your ideal fitness booking buddy!

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