The Christmas spirit is here in full force – and if you’re like me, then you know the (annual) struggle to find the perfect present for all your loved ones, is real.

Nobody wants to add to clutter with a meaningless present or find themselves scrambling among leftover items during a frenzied bout of last-minute shopping.

It’s common knowledge that Christmas season is the easiest time of year to pack on the pounds – so we decided to scour the metro for christmas gift ideas that will bring sexy back into your loved ones life. By that we mean, gifts that are wellness inspired or pressies that will motivate your family to lead healthier lifestyles in 2016. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re on a budget or if you’re in the mood to splurge a little.

Trust us – your fam & friends won’t stop thanking you for these gifts!

For Your Sister

Save: Pure Make-Up

Do your sister (and her skin) a favor by cleaning up her  make-up routine.  The skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs a significant portion of what you apply on it. That means – we (ladies especially) need to be cautious of ingredients and the products we apply on our face and body. According to some reports, women are exposed to up to 168 chemical PER DAY on their bodies whether it be through their shampoos, lotions conditioner or make-up.

christmas gift ideas_human nature make-up

Human Nature has always been a great choice for all-natural bath and body products, but they also have beauty products that are great alternatives. The Perfect Eyes Mineral Eyeshadow (P350), Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation (P32%), and Mineral ColorShine Lipgloss (P275) are my top picks for everyday use.  Also check out Pure Beauty  for other green make-up alternatives.

Splurge: Yoga Mat

This is probably the most well-known yoga mats out in the markets, and is highly coveted by yogis, but be prepared –  the Manduka PROLite mat will set you back by about 3000 pesos, but you’re paying for quality.

Some main features of this mat include a high density cushioning, fabric-like surface finish, closed-cell surface, proprietary dot-pattern bottom, and Oeko-Tex certification.

According to All Yoga Reviews,  “the high density cushioning is great for protecting joints and providing cushion on even the most hard surfaces. The fabric-like surface finish is what gives the mat that slip-resistance factor that makes it come in handy for hot yoga and Vinyasa flow classes.”

Get your Manduka yoga mats from a Certified Calm branch.

christmas gift ideas_Delmara_ProLite_Rolled


For Your Brother

Save: KFit membership

If he isn’t already committed to fitness, inspire your bro to get in better shape through a KFit membership.

With a click of a few buttons, the KFit app, available on both iOS and Android, allows users to discover and reserve class slots in nearly 100 gyms, yoga and fitness studios in Manila for a monthly fee of 999 pesos. Perhaps the major value add from the app is that it does not tie you down to one gym, but instead allows you to try different classes from various partner gyms to best suit your needs.

Want to learn more about KFit?  Check out our coverage here.


Splurge: Sweat-Resistant Earphones

If you’re feeling generous, your brother won’t hesitate to drive you anywhere after he receives these babies from you this coming holiday: waterproof earphones.

christmas gift ideas_sweatproof headphonesThe Plantronics BackBeat FIT is not only functional but is also super stylish. You can order it from Lazada for a discounted price of P5,400.

For Your Significant Other

Save: Bambike Ecotour

Treat your lover to a historical yet outdoorsy Christmas gift in the form of  a Bambike Ecotour. For as low as P600 (online bookings), your man can experience a tour of the walled city of Intramuros on a renowned Filipino product – the Bambike. Not only that, it supports a good cause adding to the novelty and allows you to  experience what a Bambike feels like. The Bambike is handmade from bamboo and utilizes fair-trade labor and sustaibale building practices. The bamboo bike builders are from the a Gawad Kalinga village in Tarlac and can also be purchased.

christmas gift ideas_Bambike
Image courtesy of


christmas gift ideas_bambike

Splurge: Fitness Tracker

For a techie boyfriend, a fitness tracker would make a stellar gift. This Fitbit Charge HR was voted as the best fitness tracker of 2015 by The Wirecutter. It’s proven to have better accuracy in delivering activity information to users and provides more comprehensive data of heart rate monitoring and automatic sleep tracking features. It’s priced at around P 6,000 if your order from Amazon, but you can also check out Fitbit Philippines if you’re want it delivered right at your doorstep right away; be prepared to spend even more though.



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