The Christmas spirit is here in full force – and if you’re like me, then you know the (annual) struggle to find the perfect present for all your loved ones, is real.

Nobody wants to add to clutter with a meaningless present or find themselves scrambling among leftover items during a frenzied bout of last-minute shopping.  

It’s common knowledge that Christmas season is the easiest time of year to pack on the pounds – so we decided to scour the metro for gift ideas that will bring sexy back into your loved ones life. By that we mean, gifts that are wellness inspired or pressies that will motivate your family to lead healthier lifestyles in 2016. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re on a budget or if you’re in the mood to splurge a little. 

Trust us – your fam & friends won’t stop thanking you for these gifts!

For Your Mom

Save: Herb Garden Kit

If you have a green thumb mom or otherwise, she’ll surely love the idea of a gorgeous set of herbs to adorn her veranda or windowsill.

Backyard Basket has a wide array of herbs to choose from, and you can request to have them placed in handwoven baskets too. For PHP 1,000, you can get six different herbs ranging from italian oregano to thyme to peppermint. Add extra flavors to your home cooked dishes by sprinkling some oregano over your pasta or thyme over your chicken, just to name a few!
herb garden_healthy christmas gifts

Splurge: Doterra Essential Oils

Doterra Philippines_healthy christmas gifts

For the uninitiated, essential oils are known to have a variety of therapeutic and healing properties . While an abundance of essential oils are available on the market, it is vital to select a high quality formulation.

I recently became acquainted with Doterra and I was blown away by the efficacy and practicality of these potent elixirs. By the way, they’re edible too! Essential oils are usually inhaled, ingested or massaged on the body.

Doterra oils are long lasting, yet they dry up soon after application leaving no oily residue – a sign of a high quality essential oil.

Doterra is currently on promo, offering a 15% discount for customers until December 1st. The introductory pack is one of the top-sellers for beginners and experienced users alike. For inquiries and an info session (highly recommended), look for Vicky on 0917-249-5165

The Starter Pack 

Regular price PHP 1800, Promo price PHP 1530

doterra intro kit

Lavender (5ML) –  for relaxation, skin soothing,

Peppermint (5ML) – for mental alertness, calm indigestion

Lemon (5ML) – balances the body’s pH levels, can be used in hot water or on food

Aromatouch Kit

Regular price: PHP 8090, Promo price: PHP 6877

Lavender, Malaleuca, Wild Orange, Peppermint, On Guard, Deep Blue, Balance

For Your Dad

Save: Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Replace your main man’s water bottle with a stainless steel thermos from Klean Kanteen.

Why? Because these bottles are probably the most purposeful and well-intentioned thermoses available in the country.healthy christmas gifts_kleen kanteen

Since 2004, Klean Kanteen has exploded in popularity for good reason.  Klean Kanteen bottles use only toxin-free materials (no plastic, a source of toxic BPAs) and also use food-grade stainless steel for the bottle’s interior.  For a little over P1,000, you can a classic style.

In terms of practicality and design, these bottles score high too.  Hot beverages are expected to remain that way for six hours and 24 hours with iced—you can’t do that with a paper or plastic cup.

That’s because of it’s double-walled vacuum construction in stainless steel, which effectively guarantees no heat transfer from your beverage to the outside world – so the surface of your also bottle never gets hot or cold either.Kleen Kanteen colorful


Over the Christmas season, Klean Kanteen started offering a holiday bundle. These themoses are available in Rustan’s, True Value Hardware Philippines,R.O.X. Philippines, Bratpack, BaseKamp (Tramper Retailers, Inc.), Robinsons Department Stores and Certified Calm!


Splurge: The Symphony Pillow by Tempur-Pedic

Not all pillows are created equal – a chosen few can have the power to help revolutionize sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleeping becomes more difficult as we age. Not only it is harder to fall and stay asleep, but it’s also reported that the quality of sleep declines. Help your dad get better sleep by getting him one of those memory pillows.

healthy christmas gifts_symphony-pillow-queen_mirrorFor about P4,000, you can get this Symphony Pillow from Tempur, but this one gets the best feedback from side, stomach, and back sleepers alike. It’s said to relieve pain in the shoulders, neck, and back, allowing the muscles to relax. You can visit their FB and website or perhaps drag your dad to their stores.

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