One place that frequently pops into mind when you’re craving for some delicious food to fill that void in your stomach is Maginhawa Street.

Quezon City’s increasingly popular go-to strip has evolved into a foodies paradise. Walk this street and you’ll find yourself enticed by the variety of sumptuous local and international fare. We’re talking about crispy bagnet, comfortingly hot ramen, mouth-watering burritos, and bacon burgers dripping with melted cheese. Let’s not forget the specialty coffee joints either!

But what about for those of us who would rather avoid oily and carb-loaded foods? Does Maginhawa have a place for us foodies who want to stick to our healthy diets at the same time?

You bet it does! We’ve scoured the area and found restaurants that whip up scrumptious and healthy dishes in Maginhawa Street and nearby. Go ahead and check out our list and trust us – you will not feel like you’re missing out!

1. Nuezca Cafe

maginhawa restaurants
Photo from Nuezca Cafe’s Facebook

Address: #53 Maginhawa cor Mahusay St., Teachers’ Village, Quezon City
Bestseller: Bulalo, Kare-Kare
Price Range: P150 to P300 per person
Open Hours: Mon-Sat, 11AM-10PM
Contact Number/s: 0917-933-1206

Imagine dining on organic and MSG-free lutong-bahay dishes in a balcony garden, al fresco style… that’s the food and ambiance combo that made Nuezca Cafe a big hit among its patrons.

Nuezca Cafe is a family-owned restaurant that serves Pinoy dishes prepared and cooked using organic ingredients from the spices to the meat. The family owns farms in San Felipe, Zambales where they raise naturally grown poultry and livestock.

The two-story restaurant cafe is built on a high ground along Maginhawa Street with eye-catching modern exteriors with waving red, purple and yellow flags around it inviting you to come on up. Climb the stairs and you will be greeted with a warm welcoming sight of wooden tables, chairs and fixtures and banig-adorned ceiling that would make you feel right at home.

Once seated, you can start indulging yourself in the familiar taste of lutong-bahay. For meat-eaters, popular dishes include: Pork Sinigang, Adobo, Chicken Tinola and Pininyahang Manok. And don’t worry if you want to add some extra cup of rice because it’s also organic. They also serve fresh fruit shakes and coffee.

2. Healthy Grub by Fitness Gourmet 

maginhawa restaurants
Photo from Fitness Gourmet PH

Address: 2F 95 Maginhawa cor Magiting St., Teachers’ Village, Quezon City
Bestseller: Pesto Fish Aglio Olio
Price Range: P400 for 2 persons
Open Hours: Mon-Sat, 11AM – 11PM
Contact Number/s: 0917-578-0694; 500-1225

A girl can be everyone – a foodie, a health buff, a shopaholic and a fashionista all at the same time – at least in Trendzone where Healthy Grub is located.

If there’s a place better than a healthy cafe, it’s one where you can also burn off some calories by shopping. Growing in numbers next to restaurants in Maginhawa are retail stores, and one of these is Trendzone located on the second floor, just above Mini Stop in this corner of Maginhawa and J. Francisco streets.

The mini-shopping destination houses several fashion items including apparel, jewelries and gadgets from popular online retail brands such as Urban Life PH, Borse MNL and many more.

Perhaps the best part is, you don’t need to leave the premises if you get hungry because inside the store is Healthy Grub, a mini-bar inside the fashion store where you can grab tasty, low-calorie and healthy versions of pasta, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Healthy Grub is a spin-off store bb Fitness Gourmet, one of Manila’s popular diet delivery services.

We recommend you try Healthy Grub’s Pesto Fish Aglio Olio, Tuna Putanesca, Asian Kani Salad with Mango Dressing and Green Tea Tiramisu.

3Pipino Vegetarian Food by Pino

maginhawa restaurants
Photo from Pipino’s Facebook

Address: 2F 39 Malingap St., Teachers’ Village, Diliman, Quezon City
Bestseller: Kare-Kare, Watermelon Steak
Price Range: P65 to P365
Open Hours: Mon-Sun, 11AM-12AM
Contact Number/s: 441-1773; 0915-230-1649

Although not exactly located along the popular food street, Pipino Vegetarian Food is one of the first restaurants that pinned Maginhawa into Metro Manila’s culinary map. It’s among the most compassionate restaurants in the country and a pioneer in serving both vegan and vegetarian Filipino food in Quezon City. 

Already a familiar name amongst Manila’s vegan community, Pipino boasts a menu that is 100% plant-based that its chefs creatively prepare, cook and present to its customers in large servings.

Here, you’ll find your favorite Pinoy dishes given a vegan twist, creating a delightful fusion of sumptuous flavors and textures that are both new and familiar at the same time.

Some of these are Kare-kare, Portobello Inasal, Pinakbet Risotto and Watermelon Steak. Even the cupcakes and ice cream are free of dairy, egg and gluten!

All ingredients used in the dishes come from locally-grown fruits and vegetables and have zero animal or animal by-product content.

What’s great about the place is that it can also cater an event accommodation for up to 28 guests! Do we hear a vegan party brewing? Just call Pipino for reservations.

4. Little India Healthy Cuisine

maginhawa restaurants
Photo from Little India

Address: 24-F 2nd Level, Malingap St., Teachers’ Village, Diliman, Quezon City
Bestseller: Aloo Chop, Pakora, Samosa
Price Range: P100 and up
Open Hours: Mon-Sat, 11AM-10PM
Contact Number/s: 434-8370; 0932-407-3659

Some have been taking a detour from Maginhawa and we are pretty sure of one reason why: they’ve discovered this Indian restaurant just a short walk from Pipino.

If you walk at least half the length of Maginhawa, you can say that aside from Filipino food, most establishments serve Italian, Japanese, Mexican and Western dishes. So if you’re looking for something different yet delicious and healthy, Little India Healthy Cuisine is the place you should be.

India has always been about rich culture, tradition and experience and Little India’s brown and white signage perfectly captures this essence. Looking at it marks the beginning of an experience of one of the world’s most ancient culture. Its spacious interiors take you farther into the journey with its high ceiling with hanging lamps and orange walls adorned with deep red curtains and some culturally Indian paintings.

maginhawa restaurants
Photo from Little India

The highlight of the experience of course is finally tasting its Ayurvedic vegetarian food infused with savory blend of natural herbs and spices. These are uniquely prepared to create striking aromas, textures and flavors, resulting to dishes that taste as exotic as they sound. We recommend you try Little India’s kachumbar salad, vegetable biryani, lassi and Indian masala tea.

Want an authentic taste of India but can’t go to Malingap? Little India can deliver their culture-infused cuisine to your table via Food Panda.

5. The Good Shelf

maginhawa restaurants
Photo from The Good Shelf’s Facebook

Address: 136-B, V. Luna Extension, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Open Hours: Mon-Sat, 11AM-8PM
Contact Number/s: 435-8884

Exploring a little farther down Maginhawa, you will find The Good Shelf, an eco-store, a deli and a restaurant offering healthy and organic food and ingredients.

The Good Shelf serves organic cuisine prepared using locally-sourced ingredients from all over the country. But what you’ll probably like more about the place is its wide array of local handmade and organic products that you would surely love to have in your own kitchen. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, preserved fruits, cacao-based chocolates, breads, cheeses and a lot of bottled goodies sold at reasonable prices.

It also has a space at the upper floor that is used to host healthy lifestyle events such as cooking workshops and yoga and pilates classes. The Good Shelf is your one-stop health and wellness shop in Maginhawa.

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