Who doesn’t love snack time?

Snacking – when done right –  can keep you energized throughout the day, improve your metabolism and even keep you from craving fatty foods. 

But sometimes — this little thing called life gets in the way — and all our smart snacking plans can go right out the window. That’s why we decided to take a leaf from the books of these fit Filipinas to help us avoid snack-time ruts.

Whether you’re shifting towards a mindset of snacking for nutritional reasons or are finding difficulty adopting smart snacking to your lifestyle, check out some tried-and-tested tips from these ladies who definitely make their merienda count!

Post-workout snack:

Healthy shakes like bananas with almond milk. Sometimes coconut water, cucumber, or any fruit in the fridge. I also use a lot of superfoods from The Healthy Grocery and use Maca Powder, Recovery Protein, Cacao Nibs, CamuCamu Berry or Acai.

View on maintaining a healthy/fit lifestyle:

I snack a lot. I don’t do big meals so I do need to snack a lot – healthy snacks. And I also move and travel a lot so it’s important to make sure that I keep my body fueled for surfing and my job.

View on dieting in terms of keeping healthy:

I just keep a healthy diet and eat the right foods to make sure I don’t get sick and surf well! In terms of dieting to lose weight, I don’t really do that because you go back to the old habits once you’re done with the weight loss.


Post-workout snack:

I don’t usually get hungry immediately after a workout…but when I do, I often eat a full meal! If that’s not available, it’s usually a green smoothie loaded with bananas, spinach/kale/lettuce, flax seeds and pea protein.

View on maintaining a healthy/fit lifestyle:

Snacking is EVERYTHING. Every fit girl knows how it feels to be hungry all the time. It’s like we grow little monsters in our bellies! But really, the consumption of good food (not refined sugar, or anything fried in oil) plays a huge role in keeping your body working at its optimum. Frequently snacking on quality food in small portions tells your body that fuel is readily available and that there’s no need to slow the burning process down or stock up and store (in the form of fat).

” ditch the fad diets and just go for eating more: if not fully plant-based, then whole foods.”

View on dieting in terms of keeping healthy:

Any type of diet that is set within a specific period of time is definitely not sustainable. Being healthy must not be time-bound, it should be a lifestyle. Real, lasting results come with consistency. This means that anything you achieve in a short amount of time, can be lost just as quick as you’ve achieved it. I say, ditch the fad diets and just go for eating more: if not fully plant-based, then whole foods. Go for more color. Snack on fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. All you need is a little creativity in food preparation and your usual selection of produce will go a long way. Not only is it good for you, but also for the animals and our environment!


Post-workout snack:

An intense workout that leaves me sweating a whole lot always leaves me craving for something hydrating. Apart from water, my favorite thing is to have fruit! Mango, apple, oranges… usually anything that is juicy does the trick for me. lt satisfies me and I always feel great afterwards.

View on maintaining a healthy/fit lifestyle:

Snacking is important because it keeps me from bingeing! I do my best to keep smart, healthy snacks with me throughout the day to reduce eating what isn’t too good for me. I notice my energy is a little bit more even keel when I do, as well.

“I’m not such a fan of food restriction or calorie counting”

View on dieting in terms of keeping healthy:

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t diet. I base what I eat on what my body needs. I’m not such a fan of food restriction or calorie counting but I make sure that I use my intuition when I eat. Removing the pressure of being strict about food intake is the way to go, in my opinion. When you fall of the saddle, bounce right back in! Yoga helps me listen to what my body needs over what I crave for and I’ve done pretty well for myself that way.


What’s your go-to post-workout snack?

Chocolate milk is the bomb. Packed with the right amount of protein, fat, and all the good stuff your body needs to recover from a kickass sweat session.

Views on dieting in terms of keeping healthy?

I don’t follow a specific regimen, nor do I eliminate entire food groups from my diet. I eat REAL. Simple. No preservatives, nothing that comes from a can. I eat a LOT of protein, which is what my body needs because of the nature of my workouts. – I’ve always believed that food should not be seen as an enemy. But instead, a useful you can use tool to help achieve your fitness goals.

“No preservatives, nothing that comes from a can.”

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle in a world full of distractions and temptations?

Fitness is more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life. You are responsible for your own inspiration. Eyes on the goal at all times. Whenever I feel like I’m hitting a low point, I remind myself of why I started in the first place. Keep your purpose in your heart at all times. Whenever you feel discouraged, bring your energy to your center and all will be well. – I make sure to surround myself with people that share the same Positive Energy as I do. It really helps to belong to a community that works toward a common goal. Individually we are strong, but together we are an army.