Working out regularly can be a tough habit to acquire.

As great as it is to attend a high-powered zumba class or to simply go for a jog, sometimes there’s no better place for squeezing in a workout than the comfort of your own home – especially for the mommies out there.

“Going to the gym these days is very time-consuming due to traffic and very costly, too,” according to a gym owner himself, Coach Christopher Martin Bond, who’s behind Bond’s Optimal Fitness – a popular gym located in Paranaque.

“There is an alternative way and it’s right inside your home, but you have to know which equipment you need to invest in.”

So, we’ve listed below some great investment pieces for your home gym that would probably cost you only a month’s worth of gym membership. Most of these are compact and portable—no major installations required, no big spaces needed! Plus it’s a little tougher to shrug off your workout when your gym is right at home.

  1. Dumbbells

Number one on Coach Bond’s list is a pair or set of dumbells. You can get a pair or a set of the regular dumbbells or the adjustable ones, depending on your strength level and budget. Some sports and gym equipment stores have experts who can advise you what weight you should get if you want to start with a pair. You can also refer to online fitness resources on buying your first pair of dumbbells.

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  • Why it’s good: It’s great not only for toning the arms, biceps curls, chest flys and shoulder raises but for a full-body workout for strength training, flexibility and cardiorespiratory fitness. You can also incorporate it in your routine to work more muscles such as lunges, squats, sit ups, and curls, side twists.
  • How much you will spend: Php 299 to Php 837 for a 3-lbs pair
  1. Jump Rope

Jumping burns a lot more calories faster than other cardio workout and can also be fun. Research says that a 10-minute nonstop jumping gets you the same benefits as that of a 30-minute jog or 720-yard swim. A jump rope takes zero space and is portable so you can take it anywhere, which means you can do your jumps in a park or a rooftop when you get bored of your room workouts.

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  1. Mini Stepper

It would be great having a treadmill at home, but we know it can take up a lot of space and isn’t cheap.  Instead, you can invest in a mini stepper, which works like the foot section of the elliptical training machines you find in gyms.

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  • Why it’s good: It’s a great low-cardio equipment that engages your sense of balance, working your legs and glutes at the same time. And if you can fit it under your office desk, you get to burn extra calories while working.
  • How much you will spend:  Php 1,979 to Php 3,340
  1. Ab Wheel

This one is a crowd favorite, so if your goal is to flatten your stomach and get that toned, sculpted midsection, add this equipment to your core routine.

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  1. Multi-Purpose Workout Bar

This is a value-for-your-money equipment, is quite versatile and can be placed on the floor or doorways for few quick pull-ups before you leave for work. Those 3-5 pull-ups count if you do it daily!

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  • Why it’s good: It’s ideal for a variety of strengthening and toning workout such as pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips and crunches.
  • How much you will spend: Php 918 to Php 2,549

Working out is demanding but pays off really well. If time and being consistent are what’s hindering you to achieve your fitness goals, a home gym is definitely worth your investment. Plus, seeing these gym equipment in your home every day creates motivation and ensures commitment.

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