As residents of this sun-drenched archipelago, we all know the importance of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis.

We’ve heard it time and again from loved ones, health experts, and virtually everyone else – I mean, how can we ever forget Baz Luhrman’s famous words?

Apply your favorite SPF 40 cream twice a day and you should be good to go, right?


In fact, many of us have been doing it wrong for years – from purchasing the incorrect sunscreen to the amount we apply on our faces. What if I told you that some SPF sunscreens do not protect you from the suns harsh UVA rays and that some top-selling sunscreens contain harmful ingredients?

Take a look at this gorgeous yet demystifying interactive graphic produced by the Information is Beautiful  team – it compiles scientific evidence on the seemingly simple question – ‘How much sunscreen should I wear?

Below is a static version of the graphic – enjoy!

sunscreen infographic


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