Riding on Asia’s fitness craze and escalating demands for mobile-based booking, KFit, officially arrived in Manila this month after rolling out in several neighboring countries.


With a click of a few buttons, the KFit app, available on both iOS and Android, allows users to discover and reserve class slots in nearly 100 gyms, yoga and fitness studios in Manila for a monthly fee of 999 pesos. It’s also enticing users to sign-up with a free one month trial period.

“KFit is working to grow awareness and access to fitness rather than simply offer a better deal for those who already work out,” according to company’s founder Joel Neoh in an interview with TechCrunch.

This is how KFit works…

You finish work earlier than expected or your kids are napping and you want to sneak in a quick workout. So, you check your KFit app and learn that there’s a 6PM Zumba class today at Treston Health Club in BGC- and with a click of a few buttons you have reserved your slot in the class.



Apart from the convenience of having a local gym guide in your pocket, the major value add KFit provides is that it does not tie you down to a single gym or studio membership, but offers access to activities and classes offered by partner fitness clubs. But don’t expect to get access to the most popular classes in the metro at peak hours – the app helps fitness studios reserve class slots that would otherwise remain empty and enables discovery of studios.

This online fitness-sharing app is Asia’s answer to New York’s ClassPass with some referring to it as the Uber or Netflix of fitness clubs.

The cashed-up start-up, which recently received  $3.25 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, is on a mission to be present in every major Asian city.

Image sources: KFit, Exercisemenu.com

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