While Google can be a heaven sent for many day-to-day needs, using Google for symptom research can be a downright terrible idea.

A quick Google search can convince you that a mild cough is actually chronic bronchitis.  In fact, googling symptoms leads many to self-diagnose or worse – wrongly diagnose themselves. Cue unfounded anxieties.

These unfounded anxieties over health symptoms following online ‘research’ have become increasingly common giving rise to the term ‘cyberchondria.’

Evidently, googling symptoms has its dangers, but MedNexus, a medical search engine that provides vetted results from medical journals and top-tier websites, is set to help us out.

MedNexus Homepage

According to their website, MedNexus aims to “cut out the noise and pseudo-science” in our online search. By giving us useful information tailored to our interests and needs, it can help us find the right answer to any health or medical questions we may have.

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With a user-friendly interface, Mednexus functions like Google wherein users type in their queries, hit enter, and receive results within a few seconds.

Rather than merely spit back results, its algorithm groups search results into three categories: health topics, published research, and forum discussions. The Health Topics section provides links to trustworthy and reliable sources; Published Articles include academic and peer-reviewed journals; finally, the Forum Discussions section connects users to conversations of various online health communities.

MedNexus Search Results

Physicians can also use this platform to keep themselves up-to-speed with the latest developments in health and medicine science.

While MedNexus is a more credible option than Google for health and medical questions, it’s important to remember that it is not a substitute for a doctor’s appointment. If making a diagnosis was straightforward, doctors wouldn’t have to spend so many years studying and training to learn how to make one.