Natural shampoos have come a long way from their days as musky-smelling and tough-to-wash-off concoctions. Still, when shopping for these so-called natural hair products, it would be unwise to take the term ‘natural’ at face value. Why?

The term is slapped on to hundreds of thousands of products and is often used quite loosely. Many brands market themselves as ‘organic’ or over blow the negligible amounts botanical ingredients (which are used in  percentages that are too small to be effective) even though their products aren’t much better than chemical cocktails.

Since identifying shampoos that are actually natural has become more challenging, we’ve combed through the labels of a stack of shampoos available right here in Manila to investigate which ones actually lived up to the hype of being natural.

Here’s a short list for now in no particular order (will add more as we continue to build the list) of natural shampoos; a couple of them are actually made right here in the Philippines!

1) Human Nature: Natural Clarifying Shampoo


human nature shampoo
Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo

We were particularly drawn to this shampoo not only because it’s a Philippine-made brand, but also because it’s 100% natural with an affordable price tag of 150 pesos. We love the soapiness and bubbles the shampoo provides without using SLS & SLES, but does use a safer sulphate alternative. After using this, my hair felt light, fluffy and clean – it didn’t weigh my hair down.

Quick note: this shampoo may solidify if exposed to cold temperatures, but it doesn’t affect the efficacy of the product.

WHERE: Rustans, Zalora or directly on the Human Nature website.

2) Nature’s Gate – Biotin Strengthening Shampoo

Natural shampoos_Natures GateAfter using the shampoo for several weeks, I felt that my hair fell much less. Woohoo! It also felt very healthy and moisturized. The Nature’s Gate Biotin shampoo has a mild fragrance, which I can only describe as minty.  I personally do not mind the scent, but others may.

Don’t expect many of these natural shampoos to smell like a bouquet of fresh flowers since it’s often chemical additives that produce some of the seemingly loveliest scents in personal care products, though there are exceptions ofcourse.

Like most  SLS/SLES-free shampoos, this one doesn’t generate much of a lather. This clear shampoo is also free of other harsh chemicals including pthalates, parabens, and uses mostly naturally derived ingredients. It is also a vegetarian, cruelty-free shampoo. Would I repurchase this? Definitely.

WHERE: Health Options: 239 pesos for an 18oz/ 532ml bottle

3) Aloe Derma – Aloe Nourishing Shampoo

Natural shampoos_Aloe

If you have dry, thirsty hair – this might be the natural solution for you. This shampoo should breathe life into your hair considering 70% of it is derived from the aloe leaf, which is known for its moisturising properties. I personally prefer clear shampoos as opposed to creamy shampoos because my scalp tends to be on the oily side, but if you have a dry or flaky scalp and are looking for a natural shampoo then this might be the solution for you.

WHERE: Landmark, Rustans, online by clicking the link above

4) Andalou – Lavender & Biotin Shampoo

Natural shampoos_Andalou

WHY: This shampoo is top-notch for helping to strengthen weak and undernourished hair. It’s one of the healthier shampoos even among the healthy shampoos, but it is slightly more expensive than the other products on this list with a price tag of nearly 400 pesos.

On the plus side, it does has a heavenly lavender scent with no artificial fragrances! Also, FYI the Andalou founders have been formulating natural personal care products for around 30 years, so they’ve definitely got the experience and it IS evident. I love Andalou products in general and was also pleased with the results of this shampoo.

WHERE: Healthy Options -395 pesos for a 340ml bottle

Image Sources: Andalou, Nature’s Gate, Human Nature, Aloe Derma