As the summer season gets into full swing here in Manila, bid your fuzz goodbye the natural way.

Many salons still use chemical-infused products which are commonly known to cause skin irritation for those who have sensitive skin. So instead of visiting a run-of-the-mill waxing parlor, why not visit these natural waxing salons to help you get bikini-ready?

Beeswax Waxing and Nail Salon

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True to its name, Beeswax designed its interiors with bright honey yellow and earth brown hues to mimic a beehive. Once you step into the salon, you feel like you’re inside a relaxing and cozy beehive.

best waxing salons_Photo credit: Beeswax
Photo credit: Beeswax
best waxing salons_Photo credit: Beeswax
Photo credit: Beeswax

Beeswax uses natural wax made from just three simple ingredients: honey, lemon, and water. No artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives are added, unlike many other waxes although they may use  natural ingredients.

Although a hair removal process called ‘sugaring’ (where sugar is a key ingredient used in creating a wax) has become an extremely popular beauty trend, owner and founder Reena Sy-Tan explained that they use honey because, unlike sugar, honey has been proven to have anti-septic properties. Not only is it good for the skin, it also helps prevent infection and bacteria build up. 

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Beeswax Waxing Process

Beeswax uses wooden spatula and disposable strips of cloth. Their aestheticians are trained to removed your hair in just one whip. The technique is simple: pressure and speed.

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best waxing salons_Photo credit: Beeswax
Photo credit: Beeswax

Once done, an after-wax salve called Protect-E is applied on the skin. The translucent cream is made exclusively for Beeswax and is mainly infused with tea tree oil, an essential oil that helps your pores heal faster and protects your skin during this sensitive post-wax time.

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Price: Waxing packages range from 180 to 2,300 PhP, depending on the service you choose.

Best-sellers: Their best-sellers are the Brazilian warm wax and organic foot spa.

Branches: SM Hypermart Pasig and Robinson’s Magnolia or call them at 775-4008 (Pasig) and 703- 5749 (Robinson’s Magnolia) to arrange an appointment. 

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Whipped Waxing Salon

best waxing salons_Photo credit: Whipped
Photo credit: Whipped

With just one look at its pastel blue and pink walls, you can easily tell that Whipped patterned its salon after a cute ice cream parlor, even naming their services after some much-loved ice cream brands!

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Germaphobes need not worry as sanitation and proper hygiene are top-notch at Whipped. It’s evident on their so-called ‘sugarists’ who wear all-white, nurse-like uniforms with hand gloves and face masks during each session.

best waxing salons_Photo credit: Whipped
Photo credit: Whipped

Whipped Waxing Process

Using cold wax to remove unwanted hair, the salon ensures safety by using natural wax made from sugar, lemon, and water. They also use a natural citrus liquid soap to cleanse your skin before and after wax.

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As a standard procedure, Whipped advises their clients not to wash the freshly waxed skin within eight hours after the procedure. This is to prevent the skin from catching bacteria or detergent which may cause infection.

Price: Individual waxing usually ranges from 110 PhP to 1650 Php. They also offer waxing packages which includes organic body scrub.

Specialty: Whipped specializes in eyebrow waxing and the organic bamboo shoot scrub.

Branches: Call or text at 09173096971 to schedule a visit in any of their branches in Eight Forbes Town Center, Alabang Town Center, and Fairview Terraces.

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon

best waxing salons_Photo credit: Hey Sugar!
Photo credit: Hey Sugar!

If you’ve seen the Hey Sugar! receiving area, you might mistake the salon as a girly dessert shop thanks to its pastel-colored furniture and floral walls.

best waxing salons_Photo credit: Hey Sugar!
Photo credit: Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar! started in 2013 with a mission to provide an all-organic and natural waxing service in Manila. They take pride in being (arguably) the only salon in the Philippines that uses all-organic materials– from pre-wax, waxing, to after-wax.


The studio follows strict hygiene procedures, so before you proceed with the waxing, they will first disinfect your skin with a gentle natural alcohol made from pure sugar cane. Afterwards, cornstarch is then applied to get rid of oil and improve the grip of the wax on the skin.

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Hey Sugar! uses a natural wax made from sugar and calamansi. They observe a no double-dipping to prevent contamination.


Price: 210 – 590 pesos

Specialty: They specialize in eyebrow threading and underarm and brazilian waxing.

Branches: Glorietta 3, UP Town Center, and Festival Supermall, or check the list of their branches here.