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Photo Source: Ilia Beauty

Makeup junkies across the country went into a frenzy when cosmetic giant, Sephora finally launched its online store in the Philippines in January.

Since we’re all about natural and safe beauty here at HBWH, we immediately went into their directory to check out their organic, cruelty-free makeup selection. While Sephora’s organic section includes top brands (like Alima Pure, Intelligent Nutrients, and Rahua), it comprises only a tiny slice of their beauty product pie. We would love to see Sephora Philippines expand their natural cosmetics product line or even serve up a dedicated section of all-natural products.

As consumers become more aware of the dangers related to conventional beauty products, the demand for safe and non-toxic makeup continues to grow.  By 2018, the global organic cosmetics market is predicted to explode to $13.2 billion, so it’s not surprising that many brands are quick to jump on the organic bandwagon. However, often times brands ‘greenwash’ their products to appeal to customers changing tastes.

To avoid getting duped, always do your research. We rounded up a list of makeup brands that offer products your skin will actually thank you for. (We will have a list of Philippine-made brands coming up soon!)

Au Naturale

Bestsellers: Organic Crème Highlighter Stick, Lip & Cheek Tints

Au Naturale
Photo Source: Au Naturale

Au Naturale began when co-founder Ashley Prange failed to find a cosmetic brand that suited her sensitive skin. She decided to mix her own pigments at home, slowly incorporating organic ingredients. Five years after, Au Naturale has become one of the go-to brands for all-natural and cruelty-free products propelled by the popularity of its cheek tints and lipsticks.

Recently, Au Naturale launched the #CleanBeautyRevolution petition, demanding clean and transparent labeling of beauty products in the USA. The company is EWG Skin Deep-verified and PETA-approved.

Coastal Classic Creations

Bestsellers: Whispering Seas Super Lash Mascara with Eye Shadow, Wave Crest Deodorant Powder

Coastal Classic Creations
Photo Source: Coastal Classic Creations

With a mission to “provide safe alternatives to conventional personal care products and cosmetics”, Coastal Classic Creations sources their materials from suppliers who share their vision, philosophy, and commitment to sustainable, cruelty-free products.

All products are paraben-free and vegan, with the exception of their goat’s milk soap. Customers can easily peek through the ingredients the company uses by checking out their Science Overview of Chemicals in Cosmetics page.

What’s more, their website allows customers to personalize their makeup according to their skin type with the Color Assistance feature as well as experiment by giving out trial sets for as low as $10. Not bad, right?


Bestsellers: Lip Conditioner – Bang Bang, Polka Dots & Moon Beams

Ilia Beauty
Photo Source: Ilia Beauty

Ilia is a USDA-certified beauty company that’s founded on the philosophy of simplicity and transparency.

Did you know their lipsticks organic lipsticks also double up as a lip treatments ?

All products are filled with up to 85% bioactive organic ingredients, gluten-free and sourced from farmers around the world and manufactured in an organic, Leaping Bunny-certified lab.

Perhaps what makes them stand out from the competition is their contemporary packaging. The products, particularly the lip creams, are placed in recycled aluminum containers, giving them a sleek, modern appeal – including the gorgeous typography used on the packaging.

Beauty editors have take notice of the well-intentioned brand which has been featured in a number of glossies including Elle, Lucky, Natural Health and InStyle.

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Rejuva Minerals

Bestsellers: Loose Foundation, Water Resistant Mega Lash – Lengthening & Thickening Mascara

Rejuva Minerals
Photo Source: Rejuva Minerals

Launched in 2006, Rejuva Minerals was made for people with various skin sensitivities, which the owner Brenda Hyre also suffered from.

She discovered that the beauty products she was using contained common irritants such as mica, bismuth oxychloride, and titanium dioxide. So, she and a team of professional chemists, makeup artists, and her partner and co-founder Troy Hyre created products that are not only gluten-free but also GMO and mica-free.

Rejuva has been rated a “0” on ThinkDirty, a product-comparison app that educates consumers about the potential toxic ingredients in cosmetics and other skincare products that they use. The company uses BPA-free and eco-friendly packaging, too!

RMS Beauty

Bestsellers: Living Luminizer, Lip2Cheek, Un Cover-up Concealer

RMS Beauty
Photo Source: RMS Beauty

RMS stands for Rose-Marie Swift, a professional makeup artist whose work appeared in various top fashion magazines and beauty bibles around the world. Her A-list clientele consisted of supermodels Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr, actresses Tilda Swinton and Demi Moore, and many more.

After experiencing some health issues that affected her physically, emotionally, and mentally, Swift underwent a series of tests and discovered that her blood contained high levels of pesticides and other chemicals as well as toxic levels of heavy metals including aluminum, barium, cadmium, lead and mercury. The technician revealed that it might have something to do with her being in the cosmetics industry. Since then, she has dedicated her time and energy into educating women of the toxic chemicals found in personal care products through her company, RMS Beauty.

Her whole cosmetic line is built on the “the raw food principle”, retaining the ingredients’ natural efficacy rather than destroying them with heat and chemicals.

Tata Harper

Bestsellers: Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint, Be Adored Rosy-Tinted Lip Treatment

Tata Harper
Photo Source: Tata Harper

Although Tata Harper, Inc. is known primarily for its skin care line, they have also started releasing cosmetics, exciting many fans. Many of the brand’s raw ingredients are cultivated in a 600-acre organic farm in Vermont, which is owned by the founder Tata Harper herself.

Harper’s interest in all-natural began when her stepfather was battling cancer. She learned about the potential dangers of using products with synthetic-chemical ingredients, which the mainstream consumer might not be aware of. This inspired Harper to be more transparent about her products–she and the whole team set up the Open Lab Program, where customers can trace the origins and other important details about their purchase by entering the code in the tracker.

Due to the prevalence of brands making false claims, we should always be vigilant by arming ourselves with proper information. There are loads of reputable resources available to help you verify products and ingredients. Websites like EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, Quality Assurance International,, and Organic Consumers Association offer a comprehensive list of products and reports to help you decide whether it’s really a wise decision to buy that makeup you’ve been dying to buy.

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