I recently discovered this pumpkin honey glycolic mask at Healthy Options and it’s absolutely glorious. Well, other than the price. I do wish it was sold in a larger container –  1.7 oz is quite tiny for the price of 795 pesos.

Ok, so just why am I gushing over this product?!

 I personally loved the natural pumpkin scent (not sure everyone will though), but more importantly –  my skin felt hydrated and supple after using the mask, which according to the packaging can be used 1-3x a week. That’s thanks, in part, to the manuka honey used in the formula. A number of masks I have tried in the past have been helpful in bringing out freshness, but tended to be drying on my combination skin.

I must point out that my skin did feel tingly due to the glycolic acid, which is a commonly used AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) by dermatologists in the Philippines & many parts of the world, though it is an ingredient under scrutiny in Europe. Keep in mind, people with more sensitive skin may react differently.

 andalou-naturals-glycolic-mask-ingredients Andalou pumpkin honey glycolic mask

While it’s quite challenging to find beauty products that are 100% clean in Manila, this one is safer than many ranking a five out of ten in Think Dirty’s app.  The main ingredients under scrutiny are glycolic acid and ethylhexylglycerin – though both are still moderately safe for use, according to the app. BTW, Andalou is a well-known and trusted brand in the US and it’s founders have been formulating natural personal care products for around 30 years, so they’ve definitely got the experience and it IS evident.

Bottomline? I would definitely repurchase this product given the presence of mainly natural, safe ingredients and the brightening/clarifying results I’m beginning to see. Plus I trust Andalou. 4.5 stars out of 5!
Image sources: www.smallbitsofloveliness.blogspot.com,