As 2016 is underway, it’s clear the juice craze has evolved into a lifestyle that’s here to stay.

Not only an avenue to jumpstart weight loss, juicing fans (including top local celebs) often claim that juice helps keep them energized and gives their skin a healthy boost.

Today with juice shops cropping up all over Manila and devotees eagerly gulping down green juices of sorts, we decided to add a Filipino touch to this global trend.

Using homegrown fruits and vegetables, we rounded up some delicious Pinoy juice and smoothie concoctions that’ll keep you hydrated and healthy. These fruits and vegetables aren’t the usual suspects found in typical juices, but they’re easy to find, just as the recipes are easy to follow.   

1. Malunggay Juice  

Pinoy juices_© Copyright 2014 CorbisCorporation

(1 cup malunggay leaves, 2 cups water, 2 pandan leaves, 1pc calamansi, 2 tbsp honey)


Boil malunggay leaves in water.   When water is green, bring heat down to a simmer and add pandan leaves. Add calamansi juice, honey and stir. Chill.

Pandan Juice 

(3-5 pandan leaves, 1 pc calamansi, 1 tbsp crushed stevia leaves, mint leaves) 

Pinoy juices_Photo Credits: She Simmers Thai Cooking
Photo Credits: She Simmers Thai Cooking


Boil pandan leaves until water is greenish. Let it cool for a while. Add calamansi juice. Chill and serve with mint leaves garnish. You can also fill an ice cube tray with pandan juice. Place mint leaf in each cube and freeze. Serve pandan ice cubes with your lemonade or fill a glass with the cubes and serve half-thawed.

3. Sweet Potato Tops Juice 

(1 cup red sweet potato leaves, 2 pcs calamansis, 1 tbsp crushed stevia leaves or honey)

Pinoy juices_sweet potato topsProcedure

Wash potato top leaves thoroughly. Boil sweet potato leaves for 5-7 minutes until water is reddish. Let it simmer then add stevia or honey and chill.

4. Guava Juice 

(2-3 half-ripe medium sized guavas, 2-3 pandan leaves, 1-2 tbsps crushed stevia leaves)

Pinoy juices_Photo Credits: Serving Joy
Photo Credits: Serving Joy


Cut guavas into quarters. If you prefer it without seeds, just cut away the parts with seeds. Place in the juicer. Add stevia. Serve over ice.

5. Kamias Juice 

(1 cup kamias, 1 cup shaved ice, 1 tbsp crushed stevia leaves)

Pinoy juices_Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons


Cut kamias into size that fits your juicer. Juice until desired amount of extract is achieved. Add stevia or honey to sweeten and stir. Chill or serve with ice cubes.

For smoothie version, blend kamias with shaved ice. Add honey and serve.

  • Contains vitamins C and D and antibacterial properties

6. Santol Juice 

(8-10 ripe santol, 1/2 cup honey)

pinoy juices_Photo Credit: Bake Happy
Photo Credit: Bake Happy


Peel santol fruits. Chop gently into medium-sized pieces, making sure that the knife slices through the meat only and barely hitting the hard surface of the seed. Place chopped santol in a pitcher of water. Add honey or brown sugar and stir. Place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to allow the santol’s flavor to properly infuse into the water. Serve chilled or over ice.

  • Contains iron and vitamins B and C
  • Rich in dietary fibers, especially its peels, that could help in healthy digestion

Some tips to keep in mind when juicing:

  • Always choose fresh ingredients.
  • Make sure to wash all fresh ingredients before chopping.
  • Feel free to add or lessen portions of the ingredients based on your preference.
  • Opt for natural sweeteners such as fresh stevia leaves or honey.


Got your own juice or smoothie recipe using Filipino fruits and veggies? Share it with us via our social media pages!

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