Move over aspartame, stevia is the new star in the world of zero-calorie sweeteners!

Derived from a plant in South America, stevia is a high-intensity yet low glycemic sweetener that has fast become a popular alternative to sugar.

And Sufree is the latest stevia brand to hit shelves in Manila. It’s now available in Cash & Carry, Pioneer, and Unimart.

Aside from it’s natural and calorie-free properties, perhaps one of Sufree’s best selling points as a stevia sweetener is that it’s also safe for pregnant and lactating moms. Studies also indicate that it’s safe for diabetics.

As a high intensity sweetener, a little goes a long way. Stevia is reportedly anywhere between 30 to 300 times sweetener than regular table sugar. According to Sufree, each sachet of Sufree is roughly equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar.

Given it’s heat stable characteristics, it can be used in various food application and processing conditions including baked good, sauces, fruit fillings, pastries and even ice cream.

To celebrate Sufree’s launch in the Philippines this month, Sufree held a tea party cum painting event at Sip & Gogh Kapitolyo for bloggers. Photos below!

PS: The juices and desserts (strawberry pana cotta, brownies and oatmeal cookies) pictured below were all sweetened using Sufree. It’s worth mentioning that we didn’t notice any odd aftertaste that’s common in some artificial sweeteners in the market. 

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