9 Mouthwatering Desserts in Manila That You Won’t Believe Are Vegan

Feature Image Source: Trisha de Vera @vegtrisha

Vegan Choco Bomb Cake. Taken from Pleasure Point Cafe FB page.

Got a sweet tooth? Cant function without that occasional sugar fix?

Well then, keep reading! We’ve narrowed down ten desserts in Manila that are a healthier alternative than many of the sweets out there.

With this list, you can take comfort in the fact that top-notch ingredients (no refined sugars, natural products) and intention were baked into each blissful bite. Prepare for a completely drool-worthy, delicious and somewhat diet-friendly list of desserts found in Manila. (These desserts are arranged in no particular order)

1. Skinny Monkey Muffins by Little Spatula

desserts manila
Photo Credit: Green Lunch Diaries

These muffins are truly a gourmet dessert!  The Skinny Money Muffins by Little Spatula,which uses top quality ingredients, have a lovely balance of flavors. Think gluten-free rolled oats, unsweetened all-natural peanut butter, belgian dark chocolate chips and crunch oat streusels!

These muffins, which were featured in Yummy Magazine’s 2015 roundup of desserts, are also 100% whole grain, low in sugar, flourless, dairy-free and butter-free! The Little Spatula, owned by “two friends baking guilt-free happy treats” are often found at gourmet or food bazaars. Check them out!

Contact Details:                                                                                                           (0917-831-7373 or 0917-882-6255)

Instagram: The Little Spatula

2. Original Raw Energy Bites by I can’t Believe it’s Vegan

i cant believe it's vegan
Photo Credit: I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan

Need a power boost? Try I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan’s Original Raw Energy Bites!  Made with just four ingredients, these bliss balls are a simple dessert that definitely pack the protein punch thanks to the almonds and chia seeds. What’s more: these gluten and sugar free nuggets of goodness are as yummy as they are healthy! They can actually make a good post-workout snack thanks to their high protein content.  For those looking for other flavors, check out their Acai Bliss, Cranberry & Nuts and Nutty White.

Contact Details:                                                                                                             Elizalde Park, B.F. Homes Paranque

Instagram: I Cant Believe It’s Vegan

 3. Vegan Peach & Mango Pie by Juicesabel

Vegan Peach Mango Pie
Photo Credit: Juicesabel

Jollibee’s Peach Mango is the guilty pleasure of many Filipinos, but if you can’t deal with the artificial sugar and calories that come along with it, then maybe you should try out Juicesabel’s Vegan Peach and Mango Pie. This healthier vegan alternative is made of fresh mangoes and juicy peaches, is something you can definitely indulge in whenever you feel like you’ve earned it!

Juicesabel                                                                                                                       The Collective, 7274 Malugay St,. San Antonio Village, Makati                                               (0906-468-3426)

4. Brookies by Earth Desserts

desserts manila
Photo Credit: Earth Desserts

Wait a minute, first things first…what’s a brookie? A brookie is a hybrid between a brownie and a cookie, which basically gives you the best of both worlds with a round shape and size of a cookie with the texture and fluffiness of a brownie.

Earth Dessert’s Brookies are both egg free and butter free, yet remain chewy, fudgy, moist and definitely rich in taste! It’s made of canola oil, applesauce, muscuvado sugar, and dairy-free dark chocolate. The peppermint brookie is extremely popular at Earth Desserts.

Outside of brookie land, Earth Dessert’s red velvet crinkles and the peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies seem to be customer favorites!

Earth Desserts:     

Instagram: Earth Desserts


5. Peanut butter Buckeye brownies by Edgy Veggy

Edgy Veggy
Photo Credit: Edgy Veggy

Did you know that peanut butter actually contains high amounts of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and a decent amount of protein? Edgy Veggy surely did! Their gluten-free Peanut Butter Buckeye Brownies cater to vegan and health enthusiasts out there. It’s made of ground nuts, bittersweet chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate!

Contact Details:                                                                                                          3 Brixton St. Kapitolyo, Pasig                                                                                                 (0917-847-4831)

6. Vegan Cake by Kitchen Revolution

cake manila
Photo Credit: Marie Gonzalez

Frustrated with the lack of birthday cakes that you can actually enjoy without worrying about the repercussions? Well your birthday wish has been granted by Kitchen Revolution! Their Vegan and Gluten-Free Cake was also featured in PETA’s Top 10 Chocolate Desserts to Try 2016. Kitchen Revolution also offer’s culinary and baking lessons for those who are interested in learning holistic, plant-based cuisine !

Contact Details:                                                                                                                (0917-894-5086)                                                                                                               Kismet Café, Corner of Burgos and Kalayaan Avenue, Makati

 7. The Scream by Lucy in the Sky Cafe

Lucy & The Sky Cafe
Photo Source: Trisha de Vera @vegtrisha

Lucy in the Sky Cafe is frequented by Manila’s local vegan influential who give the small cafe located in San Juan a two thumbs up. For dessert, ‘The Scream’ chocolate cake, which is moist, fluffy and delicious is a popular choice!

Contact Details:                                                                                                                    (370-4113)                                                                                                                    222 Wilson St, San Juan.

8. Mana Balls by Mana Bites

vegan desserts manila
Photo Credit: Mana Bites

These Mana balls are not only perfect as pre or post-workout snacks but as a dessert as well since they’re both vegan and gluten-free! Mana Bites offers quite a wide range of concoctions such as their Oatmeal Brekkie, Coco Cookie Monster, Tahini Bikini, Apple Pie a Day and many more!

Contact Details:                                                                                                                  (975-7430)                                                                                                                         Taguig, Metro Manila

9. Cacao That Cares by Susi

Photo Credit: Susi

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently named its top ten vegan chocolate desserts one of which was Susi’s Cacao That Cares. This dark chocolate-peanut butter tart topped with either poached pears or a gluten-free pretzel will definitely help satisfy those cravings without feeling post-consumption remorse.

Contact Details:                                                                                                           (833-7874)                                                                                                                 Forbes Town Road, Burgos Circle, Taguig


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