No time for the gym? No problem.

YouTube has got us ladies covered to get in shape from the comforts of our own home. We’ve already give you reasons why working out at home is everything, and it couldn’t come at a better time as gyms tend to get crowded in January with many gym-goers eager to live up to their new year’s resolutions.  

So why not join these five Youtube female fitness stars for a sweat session from your living room? All you need is a WiFi connection and some floor space.

Bonus:  There’s something for everyone – whether you’re a yoga fan or prefer to shake off those calories through dance.

Club FITz – Kelsi Comer and Lauren Fitzgerald aka The Dancing Queens

Best for: Those who love to dance!
Youtube Fitness Stars_clubfitzfitness
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If you love to dance, but too self-conscious to break it down or channel your inner J. Lo in a class full of people – you might want to follow Club FITz dance videos.

Kelsi Comer and Lauren Fitzgerald share their love for dancing through their group fitness classes at The Key Health Institute. With a mission to help others be healthier, happier, and more active through dance,  get learn fun dance moves to your favorite pop songs such as What Do You Mean?, Cheerleader, and Bang Bang to name a few. You can always rewind the videos if you feel you haven’t mastered a dance move!

BodyFit by Amy Amy Kisler aka The Amiable Fitness Instructor

Best for: Those who prefer variety in their workouts
Youtube Fitness Stars_Bodyfit by amy
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Amy Kistler is a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with over 10 years experience in the industry. Her workout videos range from kettlebell, Tabata, HIIT training to even workouts that don’t require any equipment. She offers different options for all fitness levels, from advanced workout moves that can really challenge you to low impact versions for those who prefer to take it with less intensity.

Amy’s coaching style is friendly and supportive without being too overbearing. Also,  she’s currently expecting so her recent pre-natal workouts are perfect for those who want to keep in shape while pregnant!

Blogilates – Cassie Ho aka The Popilates Princess

Best for: Pilates POP Pilates
Youtube Fitness Stars_Cassey Ho (Pilates)
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Arguably one of the most successful social media fitness entrepreneurs today, Cassie Ho is certainly one to watch. Over 2 million subscribers follow her POP Pilates video series that compose of several core-strengthening and muscle-toning total body exercises. Workouts that target specific muscle groups such as abs, legs & thighs, and butt can also be found. Don’t have much time? Check out her 3-minute express TURBO workout series! 

Cassie brings a fresh perspective to Pilates by putting the fun in challenge with her bubbly, upbeat persona.  All her workouts are done with pop music in the background to help you keep the pace.


TaraStiles –  TaraStiles aka The Yoga Muse 

Best for: Anything and everything yoga
Youtube Fitness Stars
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American model turned yoga instructor Tara Stiles revolutionized yoga by making it more accessible in social media. She was one of the first to upload yoga instructional videos and gain a large following. Aside from her Youtube channel, she has continued to establish her name in the discipline through her Strala Yoga movement and being featured on several health magazines and ads.

Tara’s Youtube series are plentiful, with categories based on what specific benefits yoga can offer. Videos range from a morning routine, overall relaxation, and even to recover from a hangover! She even shows how to do yoga in bed (yes, it’s possible). Her soothing voice is perfect for giving out fluid, topnotch instructions as you go through each pose.

POPSUGAR Fitness (Anna Renderer) – All-Around Fitness Maven

Best for: Those who are open to trying new workouts
Youtube Fitness Stars_PopSugar Fitness
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If you’re looking for top quality and professionally edited content in your workout videos than this Youtube channel is definitely for you. Follow POPSUGAR Fitness host/expert Anna Renderer as she shows you dozens of efficient workouts you can do for total body and target areas (abs, legs, and arms included!).

Anna Renderer is vibrant and full of energy as she follows guest trainers of different fitness types such as No-Equipment Bodyweight Bootcamp, Cardio Tai Box, and even a barre workout to help you look good naked.