In a world that is teeming with commercialized, synthetic-laden personal care products, Ysabel’s Daughter – a 100% all-natural and proudly Filipino brand  – is daring to make a difference. It’s one of the few homegrown brands that aligns with what Health Begins With Her’s values and we felt compelled to share it with our readers following a health and wellness event organized by the brand over the weekend.

The Bee-ginning

“It all started with a hobby,” Cristina ‘Coty’ Cruz, the founder of the nourishing brand shared candidly. Her husband’s bee farming hobby, to be precise, which prompted their family to adorn their backyard with their very own bee colony.

Coty Cruz
Ysabel’s Daughter founder Coty Cruz *** Image source: Mommy Ginger

As a result, Coty and her hubby found themselves with a regular supply of pure and organic honey– inspiring Coty to experiment on the surplus and create home-made soaps, which she shared with family and friends. Inspired by their positive responses and her innate desire to promote wellness in the Philippines, Ysabel’s Daughter was born.  The brand is a tribute to her mother, Ysabel, and the idea is to pass that same degree of motherly nourishment and care to society.

It has been four years since the brand’s creation – and it has grown from a humble personal hobby, to a full line-up of premium bath and body products which aims to “help create a healthy balance of the mind, body, and spirit”. Ysabel’s Daughter is one of the few local personal care companies that meticulously crafts its products to ensure it’s free of harsh chemicals and uses top-notch ingredients.

The line of soaps, shampoos and moisturizing products are available through direct orders online and delivered straight to your homes. They’re also in a number of stores that share the same passion for sustainable living – The Green Company and EchoStore, as well as online shops like Go Luntian! and BeautyMNL. All products are FDA approved.



From Ysabel’s Daughter’s Facebook page

Ysabel's Daughter Ysabel's Daughter Shampoo

‘Honey, it’s all natural’

Not only is it a healthy substitute for sugar,  but it can also work wonders on our immune system as both an energy booster and a sleeping aid, plus it can be a great ally to our skin. (This infographic perfectly explains how.)

While honey is the base ingredient of Ysabel’s Daughter products, Coty and her team of qualified chemists include high-quality, all-natural ingredients like olive oil for a healthy glow, walnut beads for gentle exfoliation, peppermint for its anti-bacterial and aromatherapy properties, and so much more.

On top of all of that, their products also contain another powerful and rare ingredient – honesty. You’ll be shocked by the sheer amount of our seemingly favorite products (Origins, I’m looking at you!) that are in fact loaded with toxic chemical despite bearing labels like “all-natural” and “organic” on the packaging.

Mindfulness & Well-being

In an effort to spread the brand’s holistic cause, Ysabel’s Daughter hosted an event last November 14, where Coty invited her personal mentor, Sir Dennis Dineshvara Daguman of the Prama Yoga Centre and CHiNMAYii Vegetarian Caterer, to lead an intimate afternoon of wellness.

From Ysabel’s Daughter’s Facebook page

It started with an invigorating session of asanas – the physical aspect of Yoga. Serene music played as we were gently guided to different poses.

As a first-timer, I was pleasantly surprised by how soothing it felt during, and how a feeling of gratitude filled me afterwards. It felt as if my mind and body were going through an internal exfoliation.

After the relaxing session, Sir Dennis then proceeded to share his knowledge on overall wellness.

“The root cause of all sickness is a weak mind,” he emphasized.

There are four important factors to achieve well-being: proper diet, body kinetics, nutritional supplementation, and mind synergy. Of the four, he pointed out that the most important is the last. “We are predominantly mental beings,” he explained. “And the body will always follow the mind.”

A vegetarian for over 40 years, Sir Dennis also highlighted the role of proper diet in well-being, sharing an important lifestyle tips aimed at helping us  slowly re-calibrate our bodies: food sequencing and a diet schedule.

The ideal schedule goes like this:

4AM to 12NN – the Elimination period: Eat fruits like papaya, pineapple, coconut and banana.

12NN to 6PM – the Appropriation period: Since this is the time where digestion is most active, we can eat anything.

6PM to 4AM – the Assimilation period: This is the period of absorption and use, it is best to eat vegetables and dried fruits.

In order to demonstrate that even the most basic of ingredients can leave us with very happy tummies, he also shared with us two healthy, meatless recipes.

meatless recipes
Meatless Recipes

The first was a no-frills soup, made by simply pouring hot water on a bowl of: mami noodles, strips of cabbage, carrots, tofu, and kinchay, seasoned with soy sauce, a tinge of sesame sauce, and few sprinkles of black pepper.

The second recipe was a delectable soyannaise salad wrapped in pita bread. The soyannaise was prepared by mixing soya, olive oil, and Himalayan salt in a blender. This serves as the dressing of the vegetable mix – tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and tofu, which is then wrapped in pita bread. I was honestly very surprised by how good it tasted.

Through this insightful and revitalizing event, Ysabel’s Daughter showed that it is indeed an honest brand that goes above and beyond selling products.

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